Challenge your senses to gather information about the world around you with this highly interactive exhibition.
Can you see what’s going on to the side when you are looking straight ahead? Can you put a plug in a socket without your sight? How does your mind decide what colour a thing is? What part does your memory play in exploring the world with your senses? Smell, touch and hear your way around these family-friendly hands-on activities and even explore the mysterious sense of proprioception.
The exhibition comprises min. 16 interactive exhibits and includes a set of five display banners.
Exhibition requirements

• A gallery with about 100 sq metres of open floor space.
• Electrical power – eight plug sockets.
• The exhibition must be supervised at all times when in use, preferably by staff accustomed to working in an interactive environment.

Exhibit list

Reaction tester – Test your response to lights and sound. See if you react most quickly to the light or the buzzer.
Colour blindness – Look for the hidden numbers on a colour vision test.
3D pictures – Red and green pictures combined to make a 3D image.
Touch test – With your eyes closed you can attempt several different tasks. Find out how difficult it is to put a key in a lock, put a plug in a socket or dial your home phone number.
Peripheral vision – Find out what you can see to the side when you are looking straight ahead.
Stereo hearing – Listen to a radio through tubes of different lengths to find out how accurate your hearing is.
Feely boxes – Put your hand inside boxes to identify the mystery objects.
Skulls – Skulls of our close relatives. See if you can refit their jaws.
Smell table – Identify the mystery smells.
Eye iris – Watch your iris change as a light becomes brighter.
Hearing test – Listen to sound and test your hearing range. Children hear much higher notes than adults can.
Balance test – See how long you can balance. This requires a bit of practice.
After-image – Strange colours appear after staring hard at a picture.
Secret message – See if you can read the message. Coloured glasses give the game away!
Mirror drawing – Try copying a shape by looking at the original picture in a mirror. This is much harder than it first appears.
Delay phone – Record your voice and listen to the effect of delaying its playback.
Hot and cold – Touch different materials and find out why some feel colder.
Memory test – Follow patterns of lights and see how well you remember them.