Ancient Wisdom
Find out what the ancients did for us. Shoot down a castle wall with a Roman catapult and see how the Egyptians locked their doors. Build an aqueduct to guide water to a village and try the Greek way of using the Sun to burn the enemy’s ships. There is art and music as well and you can even write your name in hieroglyphics.
Exhibition requirements

• A gallery with about 100 sq metres of open floor space.
• Electrical power – two plug sockets.
• One of the exhibits use water and may cause splashing but mats can be provided.
• The exhibition must be supervised at all times when in use, preferably by staff accustomed to working in an interactive environment.

Exhibit list

Make a mosaic – Use small marble and stone tiles to create your own design.
Archimedes screw – Turn a handle to watch balls travel up the screw – originally invented by Archimedes to lift water.
Catapult – Build a castle wall and fire balls with a catapult machine to knock it down.
Aqueduct – Place channels and pillars to build an aqueduct to channel water from a spring to a village.
Roman arch – Build a Roman arch and see how strong it is.
Ancient translation – Write your name in hieroglyphics and use a clay tablet to translate a message in cuneiform.
Grinding wheel – Assemble cogs on a magnetic table to turn the grinding stone.
Word spinner – Make up entirely new word from Greek and Roman roots, or understand the origin of familiar words.
South pointing chariot – Wheel the chariot around the gallery and work out how the man always points south.
Signaling – Communicate with your friend using flags, how the Romans used to do.
Archimedes mirrors – Position three mirrors to concentrate the ‘sunlight’ onto a ship and watch how quickly the temperature rises.
Mechanical locks – Try opening an Egyptian and a Roman lock and see how they work.
Musical scales – Pluck a guitar string in the correct places worked out by Pythagoras and play harmonious chords.
Hero’s 5 simple machines – Experiment with the lever, wheel, screw, pulley and wedge. These were the only machines ancient builders had to help them lift heavy weights.